The Lobster Parade has always been one of my favorite downtown events of the summer and I have been going for years mostly because of the local flavor. I very much enjoy the creative displays of familiar businesses and organizations, the various bands, the sea goddesses, and especially the excitement of the children. I also like to honor and celebrate our veterans, who are a welcome part of the mix. But this year there was an unusual amount of military display, which in fact stretched the entire length of downtown Rockland for quite a while. What especially disturbed me was that along with the usual waving veterans and flags, were interspersed huge, shiny vehicles emblazoned with “Border Control” and “Keep America Safe.” At a certain point it felt like our parade had been taken over by political rallying, and as I had just heard beforehand that political candidates are no longer permitted in the parade, it was most ironic to be confronted with such a blatant and controversial political message.

Rosemary Willson, Rockland